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Larisa Turin

Over 39 years of experience

Founder and Owner of Chicago Acupuncture

M.D. (Moscow)

Oriental Medicine Doctor (Mongolia)

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine

Licensed Acupuncturist

Specializes in Treatment of Complex and Chronic Conditions

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ChicagoAcupuncture River North Location


306 W Hubbard st. 

Chicago, IL, 60610


Chicago Acupuncture  is one of the top Acupuncture clinics in Chicago. Larisa Turin, the founder of Chicago Acupuncture, has over 35 years of experience in Oriental and Western Medicine. Whether it's a chronic disease, migraines, infertility, pain, menopause, immune disorders, or any other condition you might have, Larisa will make sure that you get the personalized treatment you deserve so you can join the hundred's of other patients that she has successfully treated.

The foundation of her success is the unique combination of experience  and education as both a physician and an oriental medicine practitioner. She merges the best aspects of western medicine (diagnosis, physiology, and disease etiology) with those of Chinese medicine (treatment of the root of the disease instead of just the symptoms, restoring overall body balance without the side effects of medications). Larisa specializes in the treatment of chronic and complex conditions, as well as anti-aging and longevity medicine.  

Larisa's knowledge of anatomy as well as many years of experience allows her to perform safe and painless acupuncture.   

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